News! AirSCAN is now FREEWARE!
Scanning Software for the Uniden BC895XLT.

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AirSCAN is a new software package available for the Uniden BC895XLT. The software also works with some other scanners, such as the BC245XLT and some Radio Shack models, although it has not been tested on such. NOTE: AirSCAN is now Freeware!  Hope it works for you!  Need help?  Email Pete.

Download AirSCAN and see how it works for you. If you test the program on models other than the Uniden, please let me know your results! At this time, your scanner must be on COM 1or COM 2. Reconfigure your com port or plug your scanner into COM 1 or 2 to use AirSCAN.

Please e-mail me with any comments or suggestions or bug reports. I will be continually updating this product when I find the time.